A Positive Impact

Issues Affecting Guatemala

Several issues have emerged in Guatemala over the last decade that have proved detrimental to our country’s quality of life. We see an opportunity to combat these issues through agricultural methods, positively impacting the community in the following ways.


Deforestation has become a significant problem in Guatemala. With one of the most rapid deforestation rates in the world, Guatemala has lost 17% of its forests.

We seek to address the receding forest line by selling seedlings, supporting tree nurseries, and replanting trees. Cypress, Pine, and Alder trees are the three main species that our farmers work to replant every day, fostering a culture of conservation and ecological responsibility.

Organic Farming

Many Guatemalans are malnourished and lack knowledge of the health benefits of organic products and processes.

We believe that organic practices and consumption will ensure a safe and healthy world for future generations. Because of this, we strive to educate the community regarding various advantages of organic farming, including:

  • pesticide avoidance
  • healthier animals
  • improved taste
  • strengthened immune systems

Community Involvement

In Guatemala more than 75% of the general population and 90% of the indigenous population lives below the poverty line. Under these conditions it’s difficult for many members of the community to support themselves and provide for their families.

Tierra Verde provides its members with the knowledge and skills to help each other become self-sufficient and support their families. This creates an empowered community of individuals who make a positive impact on the country and the world.

Sustainable Organic Farming

Livestock produce natural compost and fertilizers for crops

40 people per day are hospitalized due to exposure to pesticides

Organic fertilizer helps restore the soil, creating crops free of harmful chemicals

Organic fertilizer better withstands heavy rains and irrigation systems

Tierra Verde farmers grow organic produce and new tree saplings

77% of Guatemalan families use wood as their main fuel

Half of Guatemala’s children under age 5 are chronically malnourished

Tree saplings are used to restore Guatemala’s luscious forest habitats, benefiting the local environment

Produce is used to feed families, sold to local vendors, and fed to livestock to begin the organic farming process anew

Helping New Businesses Grow

Jesse Schauben is the founder of Tacorazon, a fast food restaurant that buys produce from Tierra Verde. Because of this, Jesse has near-immediate access to organic food at an accessible price. This allows Tacorazon to provide fresh food to clients without breaking the company budget. This helps to support sustainable, healthy food that can ultimately change the community and economy surrounding Quetzaltenango.