Building a Better Guatemala

Tierra Verde strives to educate local communities in Guatemala through sustainable practices. By giving community members the knowledge and skills to help each other become self-sufficient, Tierra Verde can build a better Guatemala.

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Our Mission Statement

The Tierra Verde Project believes that the basic unit of the community is unquestionably the family. It is essential to strengthen families in stages, encouraging them to become cohesive and productive generators of sustainable economic resources. The benefits of this radiate within the family and out to others that make up our society. Through these efforts, we provide a way to a better quality of life for the surrounding communities and their members.

Farms to Vendors to People

Tierra Verde Works to:

Encourage Sustainable Practices

By using resources wisely, we curb environmental degradation and educate the community on sustainable practices.

Contribute to Reforestation

By planting various tree seedlings, we replenish the forest line and revitalize the land in the surrounding areas.

Help Combat Poverty

By educating the populace about healthier ways of living, we allow community members to become self-sustaining units.

Raise Awareness

We convey the importance of our organic way of life through lectures in educational institutions, organized urban groups, and community groups.

Stimulate Positivity

By collaborating with determined community members to promote healthy living, we foster a positive way of life that is infectious.

Improve Living Conditions

By promoting a coexistence with nature and encouraging people to live with awareness, we help drive the community to improve living conditions for all.

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